• Dec 14 2018 | 9:00 pm

    Nick Meryhew/Jen Hill, Daniel Wyche/Katinka Kleijn & Allen Moore

    Nick Meryhew & Jen Hill perform as a duo alongside Daniel Wyche & Katinka Kleijn, plus a solo set by Allen Moore.

Nick Meryhew:

Nick Meryhew is a performance artist and curator whose work explores the personal and the political. His solo practice consists of noise music, improvisation, and multimedia performances. Nick also co-curates Comfort Station Logan Square’s experimental sound and performance series, Gather.

Jen Hill: 

Jen makes things with sound, image, music, video, objects, jokes, the internet, ideas, etc. They are very interested in the imaginary, the impossible, and the non-existent. 


Daniel Wyche:

Daniel Wyche is a Chicago-based guitarist, composer and improviser. Working with a wide range of physical preparations, extended techniques, and pedal instruments, his recorded work and live performances are characterized by long-form structured improvisations. Recently, this approach has become increasingly integrated with the exploration of multi-channel performance and the spatialization of sound, including new compositions for quad- and 8-channel guitar.

Katinka Kleijn:
Katinka Kleijn (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) defies today’s traditional definition of a cellist, transitioning through the styles of classical, experimental, contemporary, and improvisatory, as well as across the fields of solo, chamber and orchestral performance. Known for her innovative individual projects, Kleijn presented multi-media solo shows at the Library of Congress, Chicago Humanities Festival and the Chicago Cultural Center. In the highly-acclaimed work “Intelligence in the Human-Machine” by Daniel Dehaan, which Time magazine called “a balancing act for Kleijn’s whole body,” Kleijn performs a duet with her own brainwaves. Most recently, she premiered Dai Fujikura’s Cello Concerto with ICE at Lincoln Center, NYC. Kleijn recorded with District 97, Relax Your Ears, and singer-song writer David Sylvian. She has a working duo with guitarist Bill MacKay.

Allen Moore:

Allen Moore is a Black American male born and raised in the small town of Robbins, IL. His work converses with the signifiers of African American and popular culture, bringing to view the underlying themes of our racial and emotional experiences. Moore creates experimental sounds and objects that parallel his own biographical narrative, casting inverted recordings (graphite and adhesive) from popular vinyl records from his childhood. His subjects/compositions exist in an environment on the fringe of order and disorder, and then are stripped down to an elemental form. The conception is an attempt to deconstruct and then reassemble the subjects/symbols, making sense of discourse, and portraying the subjects with elegance and volume through the formal principals rhythm, repetition.