• Jun 28 2017 | 8:00 pm

    Mykel Boyd, Mako Sica, City of Djinn & Baeoa

    A night of experimental drone-inspired music from some of Chicago's most creative artists
Mykel Boyd is a sound and visual artist using processed field recordings to create dark, static filled compositions. Known for low end dronescapes that rumble, pulse and shimmer in a particularly dark industrial atmosphere.

Mako Sica” is a translation of what many Native American tribes called “land bad”–an image reflective of their spacious and dynamic sound as well as an homage to the people who coined the term. The band started in 2007 with Przemyslaw Krys Drazek and Brent Fuscaldo. Drazek, formerly in the band Rope (Family Vineyard) has developed a distinct guitar style. With a sound drenched in delay, his low bass rumbles beneath the surface and the piercing treble of his slide guitar evokes whale sounds. His African-style fretwork and flourishes are submerged in effects. Fuscaldo’s voice is used here as an operatic instrument, and often the language being sung is indecipherable. There are rarely, if any words, used as lyrics.

“Mako Sica make music in the vein of Amon Duul, Hex-era Earth and the out there reaches of the Impulse Records catalog with guitars, drums and an utterly primal vocalist that conjures moods with an exceptional grace, utilizing a group-mind aesthetic and an uncanny use of negative space that charms the listener in to be a part of the music.” – Permanent Records


City of Djinn is a duo that creates a sonic tapestry of dark, psychedelic, drone rock that draws from experimental music vernacular as well as maqam traditions.

Baeoa is a musical and cultural movement. The music group was the brainchild of international artists who all converged in Chicago. The group’s mission is to create contemporary Middle Eastern music drawing on its members’ various influences including rock, folk, jazz, and classical genres.