• May 6 2017 | 8:00 pm

    Asian Improv aRts Midwest presents the “Tradition & Diaspora Series” celebrating the 2017 APAHM

    A unique and experimental collage of Asian American musicians that contribute their own distinctive style expressing the blended state of tradition and diaspora.

The celebration continues, featuring an array of musicians from Chicago’s Traditional and Experimental Music Scene: An Electro acoustic Duet featuring Rami Atassi, musician, improviser, and rock – experimental guitarist coupled with the improvisational musings of Tatsu Aoki on Acoustic bass & electronics.  Followed by an fortified ensemble consisting of contemporary and traditional drumming with Avreeayl Ra, Coco Elysses, JoVia Armstrong, KIOTO, and Su Wun Choi.  This cultural diaspora convergence presents an exclusive musical happening that will extend throughout the series until its conclusion.

May 6th











*Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

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