• Thursday April 23 | 9:00 pm

    POSTPONED: Michael Foster / Claire Rousay Duo

    Brooklyn-based reedist Michael Foster and San Antonio-based percussionist Claire Rousay have a history dating back several years, with their duo focus being a prime area of focus for their remarkably original and non-idiomatic improvisations.



Michael Foster – saxophones
Claire Rousay – percussion


9 pm / 2 sets



Claire Rousay is a Canadian-American improvisor, drummer, and curator based in San Antonio, Texas. Drawn to improvisation by a desire to free her percussion practice from the constraints of conventional timekeeping, Rousay explores the emotional overlap of rhythm, speed, and texture as both a soloist and participant in creative partnerships that span North America. Drawing liberatory power and ethical commitment from queer theory, Rousay’s improvisational style employs a critique of the relationship between masculinity and percussion.


Michael Foster is a saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist utilizing extensive preparations of his saxophone, augmenting it with amplification, objects, balloons, drum heads, vibrators, tapes, and samples as a method of subverting and queering the instrument’s history and traditional roles.