• Thursday August 15 | 9:00 pm

    Kwan/Price Duo & Murphy/Bach/Hatwich

    Pianist Mabel Kwan and multi-faceted instrumentalist and composer KG Price team up for a rare duo performance, and a new string trio makes its debut.



Mabel Kwan – piano
KG Price – percussion/electronics/misc




Matt Murphy – guitar
LeRoy Bach – guitar
Anton Hatwich – bass



Chicago-based, Austin-born pianist Mabel Kwan performs with Ensemble Dal
Niente, Restroy, big TEEN’s Mega Laverne and Shirley, and Uluuul. She is
fascinated by sound, contradictions, and what we perceive to be familiar or
strange. With a style that is detached and objective but highly personal, Mabel
brings a quiet intensity and playfulness to her live performances.
Chicago-based composer, percussionist and turntablist KG Price performs
with The Lucky Trikes, The Lucky Bikes, Chris Dammann’s 3.5.7 Ensemble
and as a soloist. He designs jewelry and stop-motion animation and is
constantly searching for new artistic challenges having researched movement,
poetry and fashion design, as well. His work is dynamic and finds both humor,
darkness, lightness and, ultimately, sincerity; traits he also brings out in his
collaborators. Together Mabel and KG have performed with The Lucky Trikes
and The Lucky Bikes at such venues as The Newberry Library and Cafe
Mustache and as a duo at such intimate venues as the Narloch Studio in
Lincoln Square