• Thursday March 28 | 9:00 pm

    Shane Parish Solo & Krouse/Moore/Hunton

    Asheville-based guitarist Shane Parish makes a long overdue return to the Elastic Arts stage for a set of solo music, and Chicago percussionist Emerson Hunton presents this trio collaboration featuring Boston-based pianist Eric Krouse and electronic improviser/composer Ted Moore. Using live processing, feedback, modular synthesis, and acoustic instruments, the trio presents improvisations ranging from stark minimalism to frenetic density. The trio’s first meeting was in May of 2018 at the University of Chicago, where a recording was made.



Shane Parish – solo guitar




Eric Krouse – piano
Ted Moore – electronics
Emerson Hunton – percussion



Shane Parish is the guitarist for the celebrated avant-rock band Ahleuchatistas.  As an acoustic soloist, he creatively interprets and deconstructs folk music and jazz tunes, plays original cutting-edge poly-rhythmic and contrapuntal works, and transforms the instrument, via preparations and detuning, into a mini-percussion ensemble, banging out pulsating rhythmic trances reminiscent of John Cage’s prepared solo piano works.  Parish’s 2016 collection of folk interpretations Undertaker Please Drive Slow (Tzadik Records) was described by composer John Zorn as “reminiscent of John Fahey and Robbie Basho, at times of John Cage and Morton Feldman, Shane uses these beautiful songs as launching pads for his creative flights of fancy, at times boiling them down to their very essence. A spiritual project that will keep you riveted from first note to last.”