• Jun 14 2018 | 9:00 pm

    Krausbauer/Suzuki & Friends

    Husband and wife team John Krausbauer and Kaori Suzuki visit Chicago as part of an extensive tour of the U.S. and Japan this spring, supported by Louisville-based R Keenan Lawler and local Chicago improvisers for this special evening of electro-acoustic music.

-Michael Vallera Solo
-Kaori Suzuki Solo
-R Keenan Lawler/John Krausbauer
-Daniel Wyche/Mark Shippy Duo


9 PM start time


Kaori Suzuki (b. Tokyo) is a composer of electronic and electroacoustic music living in Oakland, CA.  


She has toured the U.S. and Japan, and has presented her solo and collaborative music in a variety of settings from DIY venues and galleries, music festivals such as Debacle Fest (Seattle), S1 (Portland), and the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, to academic institutions such as Mills College, Stanford (CCRMA), and Berkeley Art Museum.   She previously ran her instrument building project Magic Echo Music (2009-2015), collaborating with various musicians on creating custom interfaces and analog electronic instruments (ASTRO, Mood Organ, Manuel Knapp, Panabrite).  Selected synthesizer/feedback recordings are found on her CD, Newsun (Sounds et al).


Her recent music projects seek to create heightened listening states, producing saturated tonal dimensions by way of auditory distortion products and other inner ear phenomena; her solo performances often involving high volume playback, spatialization, and long duration vhf-combination tones for maximum effects. She also plays in collaboration with partner, John Krausbauer, creating an immersive sound/light environment with tape, voice, bell percussion and amplified strings.





John Krausbauer (b. Indianapolis) is a music conceptualist/multi-instrumentalist currently living in Oakland, CA.  He has performed and presented his music in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, in a multitude of settings – from basements, sidewalks, and rock clubs to colleges, churches, and art galleries. Numerous recordings of his have been released on independent labels in the US, Europe, and Japan.


A long time purveyor of the ur-drone and trance-psychedelia, his work involves audio transmissions for TOTAL/immersive sensory experience. Transcendence through repetition, duration, alternate tunings, maximum volumes, and (often) stroboscopic lighting.


His current music projects include the Ecstatic Music Band (a 10+ member-collective of strings players); solo music for voice, violin, and synth; his collaboration with partner, Kaori Suzuki, with bells, voices, strings, tape; the Minimalist psych-punk group Night Collectors; his systems-based phase compositions; and an ongoing collaboration with the steel bodied resonator guitar player, R. Keenan Lawler.





Keenan Lawler is a Louisville Kentucky based musician, sound artist, improviser and composer. For nearly thirty years he has been a restless explorer of sound.


Lawler’s music can be found on such labels as Important,Tompkins Square, New American Folk Hero, Music Fellowship, Rebis, Eclipse and Table of the Elements who released the acclaimed,”Music for the Bluegrass States”.


He performs live regularly and has participated in such festivals as High Zero, Fantastic Voyagers, Avantronics, Time of Rivers, Nutstock,Greetings Fellow Pickers,Transmissions,Terrastock 7, Wintervoid2, Table of the Elements Bohrium, Boomslang, Louisville Experimental Fest and New Music for Early Instruments.