• Jun 29 2018 | 9:00 pm

    Bearl / Angel Bat Dawid / ColumnDuo



“Bearl is an improvising duo made up of Erik Sowa (drums and percussion) and Adam Gabbert (electric nylon-string guitar).  Taking their name from the Cajun colloquialism for boil, the group’s sound churns atop a stockpot full of noise and grooves heated on the engine block of free improvisation.”

Angel Bat Dawid and the Cosmic Onezz

Angel Bat Dawid – clarinet

Cher Jey – vocals

Norman W. Long – electronics

Xris Espinoza – reeds and percussion

ColumnDuo (Berlin) https://columnduo.bandcamp.com

Christian Schumacher – synthesizer, guitar
Klara Bergmann – percussion