• Jun 26 2018 | 8:00 pm

    WE Series: MEGA LAVERNE & SHIRLEY in Season 1, Episodes 1-12

    In which Laverne & Shirley dig to their respective antipodes–dancing in proper calligraphic stroke order–only to encounter Carcharodon Megalodon, devourer of Red Velvet.

MEGA LAVERNE & SHIRLEY is a band birthed from the fictitious art scene known as big TEEN. big TEEN bands revel in aesthetics of distraction, multiplicity, and metatheatrics. MEGA LAVERNE & SHIRLEY embrace this artistic framework with monolithic performances that incorporate electronic synthesizers, MIDI sampling, multilingual declamations, choreography informed by Chinese calligraphy, and LED light worship. That is, MEGA LAVERNE & SHIRLEY attempt to overwhelm the audience in the hopes of bringing them into a new kind of focus; a kind of transcendence through multiplicity and confusion. It’s like witnessing a monumental event happen in two parallel universes simultaneously, or watching an episode of Laverne & Shirley in two languages. Things are both in sync and in flux, and you’re having trouble distinguishing what’s what.

MEGA LAVERNE & SHIRLEY is Andrew Tham and Mabel Kwan.