• Jul 24 2018 | 9:00 pm

    Matt Endahl’s Doomsday Philharmonic, Chris Riggs

    an evening of improvisation and sonic exploration

Matt Endahl/Doomsday Philharmonic

The Doomsday Philharmonic was formed in 2012. A large improvisation ensemble, the Philharmonic is influenced by the large ensemble dynamics of Anthony Braxton, Sun Ra, and Cecil Taylor, and improvises as “ensembles within an ensemble”. The 12+ members of the Philharmonic arrange into quartets, trios, duos and soloists, to perform Jacob’s Ladder, an improvisation based on the atoms of DNA. This is sure to be a unique musical experience, for our audience, as well as for the members of the band. Their debut album is available now from Sound Mansion Recordings.

Pat Booth, soprano sax
Kirsten Carey, guitar
Marcus Elliot, tenor sax
Matt Endahl, piano
Jon Taylor, drums
Ben Willis, bass
Derek Worthington, trumpet
with special guests:
Will Soderberg, guitar
Hanna Brock, violin

Matt Endahl is an pianist, composer and educator from Michigan. He currently lives and works in Nashville.

Christopher Riggs

I’m a teacher who also plays experimental music on the electric guitar. Using springs, magnets, pieces of metal, dowels, and violin bows, I make my instrument sound like underwater pterodactyls, cellos from space, the inside of a trash compactor, alien insects, malfunctioning mp3 files, or washing machines filled with marbles. I achieve these unguitar-like sounds without the aid of processing or effects. I perform and record as a solo artist. I do not sell recordings of my music. Instead, I keep an archive of my solo recordings available for download on my website for free and labeled according to the date and time they were recorded.

I received my Bachelor of Music in 2007 from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and my Master of Arts in Music Composition from Wesleyan University in 2012. I live in Chicago, IL with my wife and two daughters and teach 2nd grade for Chicago Public Schools.