• Jul 10 2018 | 8:00 pm

    NbN Trio and guests Brock, Morris, Maunu

NbN Trio (Nora Barton, Billie Howard, and Nomi Epstein) explores sonic textures through manipulation of acoustic instruments.  While the three instruments of the ensemble –  cello, violin, and inside of the piano – monopolize the sound space, there is extensive involvement of found sound, and/or percussive instruments by all three members of the trio.  The ensemble works carefully to investigate various color combinations between instrumental forces, while also creating juxtapositions of textural strata. Interests in sound dimensions include types of white noise, the juxtaposition of sound and noise, and the degree of clarity of pitch within sound.

NbN’s improvisations encourage the listener to investigate subtle aspects of sonic movement where sensory details become heightened through concentrated and focused listening.

We have performed at Constellation, Heaven Gallery, Elastic Arts, Experimental Sound Studio, High Concept Labs, the Poetry Foundation, Empty Bottle, Intuit Center for Insider and Outsider Art, and the DePaul Art Museum.

Hanna Brock
Hanna Brock is a Chicago based violist, electronic musician, and performance artist. Her work fuses an orchestral training with improvisation, house, and ragtime. “Blending elements of pop, electronic, jazz and classical music with rhythms and melodies that seem other worldly, Brock has established herself as a truly dynamic force capable of realizing nearly any sonic vision.”-Midwest Action

Peter Maunu
Peter Maunu is a veteran guitarist is highly respected in the inner music circles of Los Angeles for session work ranging from Claus Ogerman, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Mark Isham to Bobby McFerrin, the Commodores, and the Pointer Sisters. Together with Isham and Patrick O’Hearn, Maunu performed in the short-lived but still-talked-about Group 87, an early ’80s progressive band. Maunu’s single release as a leader is one of the finest albums on the Narada label. Maunu currently curates the improvisational music for Splice Series, every Wednesday at the Beat Kitchen.

Margaret Morris
Margaret Morris is a vocalist and improvisor who integrates her backgrounds in classical operatic and extended vocal techniques. Morris is a longtime collaborator with Chicago based choreographer J’Sun Howard. In 2013 she co-founded NYC based women’s choral and improvisation a capella ensemble LushTongue with Onome. Onome and Margaret performed under the moniker Inner Child, a collaborative, multi-disciplinary performance trio with Keisha Turner at Chicago and NYC venues including Links Hall and Wow Cafe Theater. Margaret was featured in The Exponential experimental album Encuentro with Ben Perkins and Brian Murray with whom she performed throughout 2011-2012. Margaret worked as a choreographer in Chicago where she was honored to be a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist, a Link-Up resident artist with Links Hall, and a High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist.