• Feb 19 2019 | 7:00 pm

    Jukebox: A Music Video Exhibition

    Join us for a music video showcase featuring artists from around Chicago. While videos are showing, some of the artists will come up and talk about their processes making the videos.

Jukebox: A Music Video Expo

1. Joshua J- Kidz Die Young
2. Lex the Radical- Choices
3. Marko Stats- WADDUP
4. Ajani Jones- Pyramids (ft. Kweku Collins)
5. Amy Dawsha- Smoke Rising
6. D3WON- FULLMOON (ft. FREEJOSHJ, Heaven, & Jemy)
7. Schenay- Fall
8. Greediphresh- 9/15
9. Musa Reems- Flodge
10. Yza Yaneza- TEA
Bonus: Juiix- Sugar