• Dec 1 2019 | 9:00 pm

    Josh Miller (KZOO) Cassette Release Show / Loams

    Experimental songwriter Josh Miller celebrates the release of his new tape "SONGS FROM THE ROAD" on 1980 recs, alongside fuzzed-out local rockers Loams.


Loams is a female fronted rock band from Chicago emphasizing heavy fuzz, melodic vocals and minimalist percussion against a backdrop of synthesized noise.


Hailing from SW Michigan, Josh is a founding member of the 8 year old improv group FORGET THE TIMES, not to mention the amazing chaotic noise metal band SHOTO. Over the years he has released a few solo cassettes under the name MISERY LOVES COMPANY which combine everything from harsh noise to field recordings. This new release introduces Josh Miller, the first release under his name, an angular experimental singer songwriter with subtle elements of all that he is known for. His playing is inspired by the likes of Robbie Basho, Jim O’Rourke, Chris Brokaw, and many more. He searches for the balance of fluidity between songs to create an aura that surrounds and captives you, un-thought yet crafted. An accumulation of different styles from many projects, people, and experiences throughout the years, this music is not to be passed over.


Photo by Billy T.