• May 2 2018 | 9:00 pm

    Jeff Kowalkowski Ensemble (JKE)

    "We care about music."  --JKE
Jeff Kowalkowski is a veteran resident of Avondale (20 years!!); he lives less than one-half mile from one of his favorite music venues–ELASTIC!!  He is also a composer, keyboardist, and teacher, so he knows and meets a lot of young musicians!  Some of them are strange, others are not (?).  (they all sound bad-ass)… Whichever of them may be available on May 2, these may show up to play!
JKE will play FREE IMPROVISATION (mostly), with a variety of suggestionsinstructions and conduction to the musicians.
–Anyone who wants to play with us is welcome–
It will be more intentionally informal than most any concert you may have attended in the past.