• Apr 21 2017 | 9:00 pm

    Jason Kahn, Mirror of Nature w/ Stephen Dorocke, Adam Bach & Julia Pello

    Solo acoustic voice by Zurich-based experimentalist with Mirror of Nature and Adam Bach / Julia Pello

Jason Kahn // voice


Jason Kahn’s performances explore the physical and spiritual limits of breath, stretching the voice to its breaking point. The disintegration of each vocal gesture leads to the next, creating a structure where what remains with each evacuating breath creates a context for the entire piece.


Originally a drummer and electronic musician, Kahn turned to the voice to find a more direct connection to himself and the audience. Without the benefit of having an instrument shielding him, Kahn contends with the vulnerability of laying himself bare to the listener.


“As a listener, you feel your experience merging with his. Each long, drawn out line moves from intimate to disembodied, from the familiar to the alien and estranged. What you hear is a cycle of disintegration and renewal, both biological and spiritual, made manifest.” >Matt Wuetrich, The Wire


Born 1960 in New York and growing up in Los Angeles, Jason Kahn moved to Europe in 1990. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.
More information: http://jasonkahn.net

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Mirror of Nature (Mike Weis, Neil Jendon, Jason Shanley) w/  Stephen Dorocke

Adam Bach & Julia Pello