• May 23 2017 | 7:30 pm

    J e l l o: S I X

    J e l l o: S I X will be an exhibition of a variety of dance/performance ranging from contemporary to post-modern

J e l l o: S I X will be the 6th installment of J e l l o: A performance series.

Created by Jessica Cornish and run by Tuli Bera and Carla Gruby, J e l l o creates a space for dance/performance/movement artists to experiment, create, risk and try!

J e l l o artists have the opportunity to show revisited work, new work or works in progress.

This show will be curated by the J e l l o Team (Tuli Bera and Carla Gruvy)

J e l l o artists:

+Leslie Keller
+Megan Rhyme
+Jessica Marasa
+Sam Fink
+Kate Patterson
+Lia Kohl & Aaron R. White

TICKETS: $10 at the door