• Feb 18 2017 | 8:00 pm

    Dark Matter Series: Immensity of the Territory Vol. 3 

    Featuring Marvin Tate
Opening Act: Brother El (of the Present Elders)
Immensity of the Territory is a show that mixes live electroacoustic (field recordings, electronics, …), prepared or conventional guitars and movies.
Last summer and for the third time, the three musicians came in the US in order to collect some sounds and footage between Quebec to Missoula, passing through Chicago and more.
Thus, the french musicians are going to play an original sound track for their own movies and for the first time they are going to show to an american audience how they watch, how they fantasize and how they feel the America.
Also, they are going to play with the performer Marvin Tate from Chicago who they met and recorded during their last trip.”
The three french musicians, Charly, Chris and Tony come from different styles of music (classical, jazz, punk) and now they are used to playing in a large range of projects (contemporary, improvised, experimental, baroque, electroacoustic, rock, noise, …)
the teaser that presents the third episode of Immensity of the Territory
the teaser of the previous episodes