• Oct 14 2018 | 8:00 pm

    IE (Minneapolis) + Whitney Johnson / Lia Kohl / Macie Stewart Trio + Matt Mehlan Solo

    Minneapolis's IE comes to town in support of their new album Pome (Moon Glyph). They are joined by Chicagoans Matt Mehlan (solo) and Whitney Johnson, Lia Kohl & Macie Stewart (trio)


IE (pronounced “eee”) is a five-piece from Minneapolis devoted to experiences of hypnotic minimalism— sonic rituals from the future and ambient, desert soundscapes. Their shows feature sustained tones, electronic whirrs, slow beats, video and film projections, metaphysical recitations, and carefully crafted atmospheres.


In 2017, IE received an extraordinary gift: an eight-person hot tub from their eccentric handyman. After a year of bathing in its therapeutic waters, the band’s minimal vibes began to take on startling evolutions into new harmonic fields and cultic auras. With the inclusion of two new members, IE wrote their first full-length album. The album includes three entirely new songs with vocals (Amulets, Gloam, and Moon Shot) and three classic IE jams that are here polished into studio recordings (Empty Vessel, Idol Horizon, and Nebula). Moon Glyph is thrilled to unveil the fruits of these sessions with their brilliant new cassette— “Pome.”

Matt Mehlan

Matt Mehlan is a Chicagoland native, artist, musician, and arts organizer. Based in Brooklyn for the last decade before returning to the Chicago area, Matt fronts the band Skeletons, the multimedia project Uumans, and runs the record label Shinkoyo.

Lia Kohl, Whitney Johnson & Macie Stewart

Lia Kohl creates and performs embodied music and multimedia performance that incorporates sound, video, movement, theatre, and sculptural objects. She is a curator and ensemble member with the acclaimed performance ensemble Mocrep, with whom she has toured nationally and internationally.


Whitney Johnson is a musician based in Chicago. She performs, composes, improvises, and collaborates widely on the viola, her primary instrument, as well as organ, vocalization, and electronics. In her solo work, Matchess, she considers the reproduction of sound and meaning through a range of historical material processes, including cassette tape sampling, live looping, and field recording.  In tandem with her music practice, she is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Chicago, writing a dissertation on cultural value, particularly in the fields of sound art and experimental music.


Macie Stewart is a multi-instrumentalist improviser and composer from Chicago, IL. A classically trained pianist and violinist, she embraced free improvisation as a way to make music outside of traditional norms, while combining her varied influences and interests. Her style of improvising draws from her classical training as well as her experience playing folk and experimental rock music both nationally and internationally. She is currently touring with her band, Ohmme, Ken Vandermark’s Marker, and her own trio, The Few.