• Sunday June 9 | 2:00 pm


    A monthly multidisciplinary Healing Art’s Immersion. Curated by Shannon Harris of Audio Pharmacology™/Urbanicity. "EVOLution" seeks to explore experimental variations in the healing art's intermingling different modalities and cultural aesthetics in a inter-generational sacred space. Our mission is to engage audiences in unique ways via positive brain entrainment and multi-sensory expression. Join us June 9th for our first event of this series featuring the work of Afrofuturism enthusiasts Ytasha Womack and friends.

The Making of “A Spaceship in Bronzeville” and other Adventures in Afrofuturism


Ytasha L. Womack explores her multidisciplinary experience as an Afrofuturist embarking on A Spaceship in Bronzeville…her ode to Chicago’s sci fi loving landscape and the world of Sun Ra in the 50s through the eyes of the Southern Migrants who negotiated new futures in the city. A Spaceship in Bronzeville is the project developed as part of Ytasha’s Creative in Residence work with Kickstarter. 


A Spaceship in Bronzeville


The three book novella series with Mouse Books follows Bonnie, a precocious columnist whose adventures with a an eccentric group of speculative science enthusiasts in Bronzeville leads her to an otherworldly opportunity posed by a pleasure activist millennial who claims she’s from the Alter Destiny


Includes readings from “A Spaceship in Bronzeville” ,..part of her Creative in Residence work with Kickstarter


Readings from “Eartha 2198”


Screening of “A Love Letter from the Ancestors to Chicago”


Dance Therapy Session


Talk on Afrofuturism and the creative evolution.