• Friday April 12 | 8:30 pm

    Eliel Sherman Storey’s The Renegade Collaboration

    The return of Eliel Sherman Storey’s Renegade Collaboration to Elastic Arts Performance space featuring Jun Cameron, a creative percussionist that conjures complex rhythms that evoke the African aesthetic of trance. Kevin Clay-El, a multi-instrumentalist who for this performance will focus his energy on the bass guitar takes the responsibility to hold together an ever-moving soundscape spun by the irrepressible melodies of Eliel. As the case with all of Eliel's live performances this will be recorded, so come take part of what surely will be a magical evening.

Two sets; 1st set starts at 8:30pm, 2nd set 9:15pm.


Eliel Sherman Storey – Saxophones

Jun Cameron – Percussion

Kevin Clay-El – Bass Guitar


Eliel Sherman Storey is a musician dedicated to the concept of those that create African-American art must take the responsibility to produce, define and preserve it. His passionate belief has inspired him to become a recording engineer under the jurisdiction of his company Transition East LLC, a recording studio and performance space located in Chicago IL. He has positioned himself to be independent in all of his artistic endeavors. He was part owner of a cutting-edge Internet business, www.chi-creates.tv (Chicago Creative Arts on Line Inc) devoted to bringing creative artistic programs to the marketplace, by streaming them on-line. All the while his musical appetites are fueled by the groups he formed and produced, The E.S.P. Project, The Renegade Collaboration are extraordinary spontaneous improvisational groups that explore the African-American experience in a collective improvisational style, while his third group is a collection of hand drummers, poets, singers, dancers with Eliel’s very personal saxophone approach weaving in and out of the theme based compositions.


In the late 80’s, Eliel toured extensively throughout the states as well as the Caribbean and the west coast of Africa with a band called “The Sons of Light” based in the state of Israel. Following these experiences Eliel lived and played throughout Germany until 1991. Since the mid 1990’s Eliel returned to his hometown of Chicago where he continues to develop and contribute his vision and concept to the greater African-American arts community.


Primarily a self-taught musician, however his early instructors included many of the AACM luminaries from the late Wes Cochrane, Henry Threadgill, and more recently Ari Brown. Eliel’s greatest influence came from his close relationship with the late great “Light Henry Huff” whom he performed and studied metaphysical and spiritual teachings with the intent to apply transformative precepts within musical performance.