• Aug 11 2017 | 9:00 pm

    Elastro: John Krausbauer, Keenan Lawler & Dave Dove solo

    Three sonic wizards come to Chicago to perform solo sets of electroacoustic music
Dave Dove (TX) (pictured)
Keenan Lawler (KY)
John Krausbauer (CA)

Keenan Lawler is a Louisville Kentucky based musician, sound artist, improviser and composer. For nearly thirty years he has been a restless explorer of sound. Lawler’s music can be found on such labels as Important,Tompkins Square, New American Folk Hero, Music Fellowship, Rebis, Eclipse and Table of the Elements who released the acclaimed,”Music for the Bluegrass States”. He performs live regularly and has participated in such festivals as High Zero, Fantastic Voyagers, Avantronics, Time of Rivers, Nutstock,Greetings Fellow Pickers,Transmissions,Terrastock 7, Wintervoid2, Table of the Elements Bohrium, Boomslang, Louisville Experimental Fest and New Music for Early Instruments.

John Krausbauer is a music maker currently living in Los Angeles. He will be performing an extended-durational piece for amplified violin, voice and synth, utilizing high volumes, just tunings and stroboscopic lighting, to create an immersive experiential sound environment.
Krausbauer has performed his music in a multitude of settings – from basements and rock clubs to colleges and art galleries. Numerous recordings of his work have been released on independent labels in both the US and Europe. In recent years his focus has been on his solo work, involving ritual endurance happenings with voice and violin, accompanied by synth and strobes; his compositions, mainly concerned with systems-based phasing constructions; the Ecstatic Music Band, exploring just tunings with amplified strings at high volumes and long durations, with stroboscopic lighting; The Essentialists, a country-blues-boogie-raga guitar/violin duo; and most recently the formation of the “M”inimalist psych-punk group, Night Collectors.
Trance-Psychedelia is the aim and goal.

David Dove (Houston, Texas)

A trombone player, composer, improviser, and educator, David Dove has given performances and workshops across North America and internationally. As Founding Director of Nameless Sound (a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas), he curates/presents a concert series of international contemporary creative music, and has developed an approach, philosophy and practice of creative music education based on creativity and improvisation. Dove has written on music pedagogy, including a chapter titled “The Music is the Pedagogy” that has been published in the collection “Beyond the Classroom” (Routledge). Dove’s early musical background ranged from studies in jazz and symphonic music, to punk rock bands. As a creative artist, free improvisation has been his primary (but not exclusive) approach to performance and collaboration. In addition to collaborations with other musicians, Dove has made music for film, dance, theater, poetry and visual/installation work. He has focused on acoustic playing for most of his career, developing a style that draws influence from jazz, 20th century composed music, the electric guitar, electronic music and European improvisation. He’s inspired by a wide range of influences from outside of his form, including hardcore punk rock, painting/visual arts, modern/contemporary dance, and Houston mixtape visionary DJ Screw. The influence of DJ Screw was the catalyst for more recent developments in Dove’s music. In an attempt assimilate the effect Screw’s extremely slow and low mixes (as a real time, improvisational music), Dove extends the trombone with the use of guitar pedals, pitch shifters, and (most importantly) sub-woofers. Non-musical performative activity has also been explored in recent projects. Dove has collaborated with a wide range of local, national and international creative musicians. He performs in both set groups and ad hoc ensembles, as well as solo.