• Nov 15 2019 | 9:00 pm

    Elastro A/V Night Three: Ritwik Banerji & The Astromusicologists, Three Hands Clapping, Rousay/Alpert Duo

    Night three of a special series of four live electro/acoustic sound + video performances featuring over 40 local artists.


Ritwik Banerji and the Astromusicologists – Running through the spirit landscapes of Jabbo Irã: learning the Maxinean arts of navigation


Ritwik Banerji – composition/video
Jeff Kimmel — bass clarinet
Scott Rubin — viola
Liliana Wosko — cello
Will Faber — guitar
Nick Alvarez — drums


This event is part of a larger project which pioneers the scholarly field of astromusicology. Several years ago, astromusicologists made contact with beings located in the deep space region of M9, which is ruled by a spirit named Maxine. In this region of space, Maxine has subverted the laws of physics such that all sound was always already motion.


In this event, we will engage in an interstellar interaction with the Maxineans of Jabbo Irã. These particular Maxineans are skilled architects and have graciously offered to apprentice us in their strange arts of navigation, in which the only way of moving through space is to explore the spiritual diversity within one’s own sound. In order to gain a clearer understanding of this fascinating aspect of Maxinean culture (but of course, also themselves), the ensemble will attempt to learn how to move like a Maxinean. But of course, like good social scientists in the field, they will do this mostly by making mistakes.

Three Hands Clapping
Rebecca McDaniel, Henry Stewart, Ben Zucker–percussion, synths, electronics
+ video – Graham Livingston

Rousay/Alpert Duo
Claire Rousay – percussion, electronics
Kim Alpert – video vortex

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This series is curated by Kim AlpertAlex BabbittPaul Giallorenzo, and Daniel Wyche.
With support from mediaThe foundation.