• Mar 22 2019 | 8:00 pm

    Devin Clara Fanslow & Fire Thief

    A two set presentation of music written almost entirely within the last year for "Fire Thief", a new-music ensemble aimed at combining elements of Jazz, Classical Music, and Songwriting.

Led by composer Devin Clara Fanslow, each piece of music tends to broadly lean more towards lyrical or instrumental writing; including improvisation, use of electronics, and an unusual instrumentation. Each piece in some way draws heavily from the process of coming to an understanding of self and society, informed by lived experience as a transgender individual, and as a thinking, feeling human being. The first set will include compositions focused more on instrumentals, ending in the premier of a composition titled “An Incorporeal Entity”, written in a progressive style, involving in equal parts song and instrumental weight. The second set will privilege songwriting as framed by the musical facility of members of the ensemble.


Core personnel:
Devin Clara Fanslow, mandolin, trumpet, voice, compositions
Levi Clinton, guitar, voice
Eric Heidbreder, bassoon, guitar, voice
Nick Mula, clarinet, tenor sax, flute
Henry Smith, trumpet
Akshat Jain, tuba, percussion






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A couple more clips from last night.

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