• Jun 7 2017 | 9:00 pm

    Dave Scanlon, Barn Duet (Rob Jacobs / Phil Sudderberg), Cyrus Pireh

    Dave Scanlon (of JOBS, from NYC), Barn Duet (Rob Jacobs / Phil Sudderberg), Cyrus Pireh (MN)

Dave Scanlon is a composer/guitarist. Scanlon is an active member of the experimental rock band JOBS (fka killer BOB), the avant-garde collective Pet Bottle Ningen, and the pop group Leverage Models. Scanlon has released music on New Amsterdam Records, Tzadik Records, Hometapes, Clean Feed Records, New Atlantis Records, and Primary Records. He has had the pleasure of performing at Jazz Art Sengawa (Japan), Sapporo City Jazz Festival (Japan), Incline/Decline (Canada), Pop Montreal (Canada), Hopscotch Music Festival (USA), SXSW (USA), Northside Music Festival (USA), and other festivals. He has performed at venues such as Issue Project Room (NYC), Roulette (NYC), The Stone (NYC), Shinjuku Pit Inn (Tokyo, Japan), Yokohama Airegin (Yokohama, Japan), Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston, MA), Casa Del Popolo (Montreal, Canada), and many more. In March 2013, Scanlon was honored to curate The Stone, a not-for-profit art space run by John Zorn. Scanlon’s writings on music have been published in Arcana: Musicians on Music VII. In April 2016, Scanlon and quilter Emma Banay presented their collaborative project, Quilt Music, at Interlude Asheville hosted by the Black Mountain College Museum and the Media Arts Project. Scanlon has performed with Otomo Yoshihide, Elliott Sharp, Jessica Pavone, Hayashi Eiichi, Yamamoto Seiichi (of The Boredoms), Nonoko Yoshida, Steven Lugerner, Shannon Fields (Stars Like Fleas, Helado Negro, Leverage Models), Aaron Roche, Jason Ajemian, John Niekrasz, and others.


Barn Duet is the improvisational exchange of Rob Jacobs and Phillip Sudderberg, both current members of rock band Wei Zhongle. Barn Duet’s music makes urgency a respite, and intuition a necessary prize. In September 2016, they are releasing their debut cassette ASMR on Chicago tape label NO INDEX.

Rob Jacobs – guitar, vocals
Phil Sudderberg – drums



Cyrus Pireh: http://www.4gre.org

CYRUS PIREH was born in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, usa on March 22, 1981. Cyrus studied violin, electric guitar, saxophone, and percussion as well as composition, music theory, electroacoustic music, and electrical theory. Cyrus holds bachelor’s and graduate degrees in Music Composition from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. As a composer, Cyrus’ works involve sign manipulation with the purpose of keeping the interpretive field open. As a guitarist, Cyrus is interested in the limits of the body and the self: always pushing towards a physical transcendence situated in the quotidian. As an anarchist, Cyrus actively works to dismantle hierarchy and to heal the damages done by industry’s division of people into performers and audience; producers and consumers. In music, it is not possible to obstruct one sound with another. All sounds combine to create one harmony. Humans in harmony liberate each other.