• Jul 26 2017 | 8:30 pm

    Born Days (Record Release!) / Hanna Brock / Lykanthea / Rasplyn

    Born Days (Record Release!) / Hanna Brock / Lykanthea / Rasplyn

Born Days

BORN DAYS was born out of grey Chicago skies & an experimentation with soundscapes that could evoke a dark and apocalyptic setting. BORN DAYS is the solo workings of Chicago musician MELISSA HARRIS. Her electronic music is considered dark pop and is rooted in her experience with daydreaming, moon gazing, and a fascination with retro synths and samples. She arranges, performs, and records everything using an mpc drum machine, original vocal arrangements, ambient found sounds, and a variety of different instruments and synthesizers in an attempt to capture something raw and true. Her first EP “Be True” is being released this summer. 



Hanna Brock
Hanna Brock is a Chicago based violist, electronic musician, and sound engineer. Her work fuses an orchestral training with improvisation, house, and ragtime. “Blending elements of pop, electronic, jazz and classical music with rhythms and melodies that seem other worldly, Brock has established herself as a truly dynamic force capable of realizing nearly any sonic vision.”-Midwest Action

Lykanthea is Lakshmi Ramgopal, an ambient electronic artist who divides her time between Northampton, MA and Chicago, IL. Her debut EP Migration drew praise from Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, and Noisey, who writes that “Lykanthea’s soundscapes are about crafting an overall echo of a memory.” Her performances feature synths, harmonium drones, choirs, and processed vocal improvisation that draws on a decade of training in vocal techniques. In addition to appearances at NYU’s Occult Humanities Conference and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Ramgopal has toured Europe and collaborated with composer Paula Matthusen on a sound installation for the American Academy in Rome’s show “Cinque Mostre” while she was a Rome Prize Fellow from 2014-2015. She is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Trinity College.


Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn O’Neill who uses her experience with classical composition, and as a Clairvoyant Reader and Energy Healer, to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music. Carolyn is a Chicago native who grew up playing the clarinet and organ. After playing in her high school orchestra for four years, she went on to receive her degree in Music Composition from Columbia College Chicago. Her style is dark and cinematic, bearing moments of writhing intensity and flowing release among beautifully textured layers influenced by world culture and mysterious natural forces. Her debut album, ‘Scenes Through the Magic Eye’, was released on Nov. 30th, 2014 via Mythical Records. The music video for her track ‘Scarlets of the Sand’ was featured by Noisey/VICE on May 12th, 2016.