• Sep 10 2017 | 9:00 pm

    Asian Improv aRts Midwest continues the “Tradition & Diaspora Series”

    with Tatsu Aoki's Reduction Quartet +PLUS ...celebrating the 2017 APAHM at the Elastic Arts Center. A unique and experimental collage of Asian American musicians that contribute their own distinctive style expressing the blended state of tradition and diaspora.

The celebration continues, as a new configuration of one of Chicago’s Traditional and Experimental Music Scene bulwarks, featuring Tatsu Aoki’s Reduction Quartet +PLUS, synthesizes and weaves their vibe as the  “Tradition and Diaspora” series continues.

Tatsu Aoki originally conceived Reduction as a creative response to the popular taiko drumming stripped of its musical elements. Reduction argues for upholding the beauty in taiko performance and for its connectivity to aesthetics and musicality. The Reduction Quartet +PLUS is the musical extension of this philosophy, with members from the current Miyumi Project, Tatsu Aoki, Edward Wilkerson, Jamie Kempkers, and Kioto A., Avreeayl Ra, and guitarist Rami Atassi… and more.

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