• Aug 22 2017 | 8:00 pm

    Artist Talk With The Weaving Mill

    To conclude their summerlong show and residency CONTAINERS at Elastic Arts, join The Weaving Mill, the collaborative studio of Matti Sloman and Emily Winter, for an artist talk.

CONTAINERS is a collection of new work by The Weaving Mill.

It contains drawings, paintings, fabric, and text that consider the following questions:
– Where do you start?
– Where do you stop?
– When does scale begin to matter?
– What are your tools and what are the terms?
– Who’s looking for what?

In addition to those questions, it also considers the following subjects:
– Permutation, animation and sequence
– Gradations versus constants
– Polar opposites
– Editing, removal and refinement
– Surface and depth
– Discrete layers
– Balance and rhythm
– Visibility of process

In addition to those subjects, it also considers the following issues:
– End to end warps and how to use them
– Complementary colors and how to work with them
– Moving from drawing to fabric and back again
– Sleazy fabric and how to avoid it
– Chromatic grays and how to weave them
– Speed, quantity and resources
– The loom as a drawing device
– The loom as an edition producing device
– Gimmicks and how to avoid them

This talk will try to address these questions and more. Hope to see you there!

Image via FLOORPLAN, a film by Julia Dratel, 2016. Commissioned by The Weaving Mill as part of Floorplans, Models, Souvenirs: new work by The Weaving Mill.