• Saturday March 9 | 9:00 pm

    Angel Bat Dawid’s Mothership9 feat. Asher Gamedze (South Africa)

    Curated by Angel Bat Dawid, Mothership9 is a monthly series of creative music concerts, education and community participatory events of diverse styles approaches and genres with the purpose of building a sonic mythological spaceship to the cosmos. This series will explore the connection between space, cosmos, mythology and its relation to Chicago’s deep history and tradition of creative music as a valid construct for empowerment, healing and solidarity.

Starchild! Citizens of the universe! Recording angels!
We have returned to claim the pyramids.
Partying on the Mothership, I am the Mothership connection
Mothership Connection (Starchild),
Parliament (1975)


Greetings Mystic Travelers,


Its March madness and we are back with another Mothership9.


This go around we bridge the Diaspora….


Coming all the way from Capetown, South Africa master drummer and mystic scholar Asher Gamedze will join Executive Director of Elastic Arts and epic multi-instrumentalist Dr. Adam Zanolini in a panel discussion covering their research on the cosmology of Avante-Garde Experimental Great Black Music in Chicago and South Africa.


We will then guide you through an improvised sonicscape while Interdisciplinary movement artist Cristal Sabbagh uses her divine gifts to elevate us through extra sensory kinetic dancing.


Last but not least Composer/Filmmaker and Afro-futurist Jonathan Woods-Apuat En Heru will project images and feature his new short film “The Eternal Now”.


Epic sounds throughout the night provided by The Sound Artists/DJ N.w. Long.


Tasty and magically divine space treats for our travels provided by Nicole of Mindful Indulgences: Organic Vegan Artisan Chocolate Truffles..delixciousnesss!!


I hope you are prepared and ready for the journey at hand as we collectively build the Mothership 9.


(“The African Look” by Phil Cohran performed by Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood recorded and mixed by Corey Lyons).