• May 19 2017 | 9:00 pm

    1980 Records Presents The Clams’ Record Release w/ I Believe In Julio + King Tuts Tomb

    1980 Records: release party for The Clams, feat. I Believe In Julio, King Tuts Tomb

Solid quartet of featuring big drums and heavy guitars – but it’s not just heavy in the way stoner or doom is heavy, it covers so many bases from rare 60’s psych, grateful deadish sounds, early flaming lips… you gotta hear it to believe it. The Gunslinger LP brings all of this and more! The LP will be available at Elastic at this show and get ready for something hella raddd!

Julio Gomez has been an important part of the Grand Rapids music scene for over a decade and within the past few years he’s taken his solo material into some amazing venues and parties around GR. Julio’s band is a rock trio loaded squealing solos and fast skate punk drums! The songs are fun and carry the stories of Julio be it from his travels or songs about his home in Michigan. For fans of Bob Dylan, Ramones, NOFX!


This prolific duo has released more cassettes and vinyl than you can easily hold in yr hands and while they change a little every release they have one consistent string that ties it all together, IT’S SICK! from Industrial Noise, No Wave, New Wave, Punk, Electro Clash…Intoxifying melodies and deep lyrics that are gothic as much as they are jean jacket punk rock.

1980 will have a full table of releases available as well as the new CLAMS GUNSLINGER LP!!! Visit our website to purchase an advanced copy and pick it up at the show! Or come see us at the merch table and we’ll get this sick wax at the show!