• May 16 2017 | 9:00 pm

    1980 Records presents T.J. Borden & Doug Malone

    Experimental Artist Series #22: T.J. Borden, Doug Malone

T.J. Borden is hailed for his “technically polished playing” as well as an “endless amount of musical knowledge and creativity”, Tyler J. Borden is a rising force in the contemporary/experimental music landscape.  Equally active both as a performer of composed works and as a collaborator/improviser, T.J. has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a diverse array of creators including the Tony Conrad, Steve McCaffery, and the JACK Quartet.  Additionally, he’s worked closely with Charles Curtis, with whom he has performed works by La Monte Young and Alvin Lucier in conjunction with the close consultation/collaboration of both composers.  As an improviser he’s toured throughout North America and Europe, most performing at festivals like the New Media Art and Sound Summit (Austin, TX) and XFest (Holyoke, MA) and his improvisations are included in Guggenheim Fellow Kasumi’s film “Shockwaves”.  His on-going projects include duos with Steve Flato, Madison Greenstone, and Kyle Motl in addition long distance membership in experimental folk group Obody, based in Philadelphia.

Doug Malone is a new music artist who also performs improvisationally throughout the Chicago underground noise and post rock communities. His works have been performed by the exciting and nuanced Ensemble Dal Niente and he works as the manager for the fantastic Chicago recording studio, Minbal.  For this event Doug will have a piece comprised of tape and synth. There will be 6-10 lights that will be triggering sounds via photo cells. The photo cells act as a slow volume gate to trigger the synth and found sounds.