May 26, 2017

Elastic Arts is hiring!!!

Dear Elastic Arts Family,


As you all know, the last two years have been a blockbuster time for Elastic Arts in our development as an organization.  Moving into our new home at 3429 W. Diversey has enabled us to more fully realize our mission and vision in so many exciting ways – with new curators, partnerships, and a drastic increase in both the quality and quantity of programming that we present.  With that in mind, we’ve decided to move the organization into a new era with a bold decision.


Elastic Arts has launched a search for a full-time Executive Director; someone who can devote the immense amount of time required to run our performance space, while also realizing the financial goals of a not-for-profit organization in a competitive environment in a way that will ensure our sustainability for the long term.   This position will be our first ever full-time position, and we greatly look forward to the increased capacity it will afford us.  The job listing is available here, and we very much encourage our friends and family to forward this link to potential candidates.


As we move forward, we must also look back, at the history of a collective, community-based organization that started in a living room in 1998, and has now moved through four different long-term homes, without sacrificing its original vision of a multi-faceted performance venue that serves artists from a broad range of communities.  As co-founders, our current directors Paul Giallorenzo and Sam Lewis have shepherded us through almost two decades of successes, navigating plenty of treacherous waters along the way.  Our indebtedness to them as the backbone of Elastic Arts for such a long tenure is impossible to express.  Through their tireless efforts, we’ve reached a point where we can only choose to grow further to take advantage of the many opportunities that have presented themselves in recent years.


Happily, both Paul and Sam will continue with their roles as Board Members of the organization, and as curators overseeing a broad array of Elastic Arts’ programming including the Dark Matter Series, Elastro, The Culture Coach community outreach events, and the Logan Square Arts Festival.


As longtime supporters of Elastic Arts, we extend a special set of thanks to each and every one of you for the myriad of ways in which you’ve contributed to the organization over the years.  We look forward to a bright and active future with your continued involvement in our efforts.




David Rempis

Board President

Elastic Arts